February 26, 27-June 9, 2010

The "Borg" Water Heater

Looking into the laundry room from the dining area. The stairs to the second story are on the left past the arch.

The black pipes are part of the drain system going through the basement wall on the far right. The blue line is cold water going to the kitchen sink way to the right.

Two extension cords hanging down from above. The elephant tusks are cold water lines not yet hooked up. The 2 small black lines are insulated hot water pex.

This shows how the drain pipes run to the back of the stairs and under it.

Back up in the laundry room

In the upstairs bathroom looking toward the sitting room.

Had to cut down 3 trees in the back yard that were either over the leach field or too close to it.

The ducks and chickens having a feast on the weeds.

The pond used to be green then it turned rose. The ducks didn't seem to care.

From a distance it looks like a nubian goat resting behind the stairs.

The 'goat' close up. It's just a packaged airform Ray had brought back from MO.

The first five chicks that hatched came from green eggs. They are only a few days old and already growing wing feathers.

Looking down into the chick nursery (laundry room) from upstairs. Very handy to keep an eye on them when one got noisy. I'm going to miss the open wall effect!

A couple ducklings born a few hours apart. These 2 are Troy, freshly born on the left and Madison on the right.

Madison is telling little Troy that everything will be okay.

Bandit has a mohawk.

The downstairs bathrooms plumbing.

The shower in the guest bathroom.

The tub in the downstairs suite bathroom.

Plumbing for the upstairs bathroom and kitchenette with the under-counter water heater.

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