January, 2011

The next few pictures show the plumbing in the ceiling of the basement.

Hmmm, is this showing my Christmas lights or the wiring my code-knowledgable electrician put in for me?

Another added light box with a switch box.

The kitchenette end of the 'sitting' room upstairs. I added a wall sconce there, too.

A matching pair of sconces will go on either side of the balcony door. The electrician made sure they are equidistant from the door.

More sconces over the bed. I am planning that all the wall lights match.

2 of the wall lights in my closet. They will not match the ones on the bedroom and sitting room.

The new plumbing in the basement ceiling.

The water line in from the street with master shut off valves to the right.

The pressure regulator has electronic protection with a valve controlled bypass line. (The "U" shaped line)

An octopus with shut off valves for the different sections of the house is to the left.

This is looking up into the ceiling in the entryway at the plumbing that services the master bath upstairs.

Some of the incoming water lines that may or may not be changed. Every connector in the drainage system the original'plumber' used had to be replaced. I did finally get the plumber I had tried to get the year before.

The upstairs plumbing.

This is the vent line between the 2 toilet stalls. On the floor sits the bathroom vent waiting to be installed.

This is the pipe going to the septic tank.The black hose is a washing machine hose that was used to fill the drain pipes. The angled pipe thingy was put together by the previous plumber. It has a turn off valve on it too. This picture shows the hose draining the water out of the drain system. The pipe the hose is going to is sending the water towards a tree.

Another view of the drainage system going into the septic system. The last bout of rain we had several weeks ago slid some of the caliche into the trench partially covering the pipe. But we do have permission to finally cover this trench up after almost a year. It was somehow included in the drain system inspection which we PASSED on Tuesday January 11, 2011!!

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